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Stop limiting yourself by the frames of website builder or spending money just to reinvent the wheel. Product development by Hive Studio is an unique alternative combining all the necessary business features, developed for your successful start. You will get your own professional 24/7 team ready to take on the challenges and needs of your business.

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Web Applications
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Our portfolio.

Building a modern website is not just about drawing a design system and putting it into code. Every product in our portfolio is a story of creating a successful case through expertise and extensive analysis to arm our customer with vital application. Hive Studio opens new digital horizons for you, expanding the sales market and accelerating internal business processes.

Web application - File storage.

DMCC Drive

DMCC Drive.

Turn-key development of a corporate document storage as web application with full file explorer functionality and access-key security.

Industry: Electrical power engineering.

Duration: 5 months.

Scope: Project analysis, design system, fullstack development, maintenance.

Desktop landing page.



Landing page for a debt collection company as single-page application.

Industry: Law & Finance.

Duration: 3 days.

Scope: Fullstack development, maintenance.

Responsive corporate portal.

Ostin Law

Ostin Law.

Corporate website for a law company with news portal, product reel and feed subscription, accessible on mobile devices in multiple languages.

Industry: Law & Finance.

Duration: 1 month.

Scope: Project analysis, fullstack development, maintenance.

iOS/Android application.

URE Club

URE Club.

Singleframe mobile application for a real estate company with event management and news feed in multiple languages.

Industry: Real estate.

Duration: 4 months.

Scope: Design system, mobile development.

Responsive corporate website.

DMCC Engineering

DMCC Engineering.

Turn-key development of corporate website for R&D company with custom content management system and drag-n-drop page catalogue.

Industry: Electrical power engineering.

Duration: 2 months.

Scope: Project analysis, design system, fullstack development, maintenance.

Web application - Office rentals.



Web portal with commercial real estate for sale and rent, working on a business-to-customer model with wide toolset, designed for high-load operations.

Industry: Real estate.

Duration: 6 months.

Scope: Project analysis, design system, fullstack development.

Ready for new challenges.

Streamline your ideas into effective business features using our vast experience in software analysis, design and development through modern management process, that guarantees you flexibility and modularity in feature development as well as transparent cost calculation and time estimation on each project stage to help your company thrive.

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